"A Master Class with Bridget McCrum" 23 May 2002


6 May 2014 17.25pm

I booked a place on one of the 'nine days of art courses 2002' organised by the STRAW Project.

What a delight it was.  There are a number of artists I have met who have left me with great admiration; Bridget is one of them.

A formidable stone carver, sculptor and draughtsperson.

Hamblyns Coombe at Dittisham on the River Dart in Devon.

Bridget McCrum Sculptor

The walk along the tree lined drive to Hamlyns Coombe set the mood for what turned out to be a quite lovely afternoon.

I enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful views of the River Dart and recognised immediately the former home of Agatha Christie on the other side of the river and indeed the boathouse where she wrote many of her novels.

The sheer beauty and tranquillity of the area is enough to revitalise the spirits.

Bridget and her late husband, Bobby, took us on a guided tour of their beautiful gardens and grounds overlooking the River Dart.

Portrait of the sculptor's husband as the inspiration behind the beautiful surroundings in which some of Bridget's sculptures can be seen.

Fifteen of us including sculptors, some stone carvers like myself, painters and art enthusiasts introduced ourselves, then selected walking sticks for a guided tour of Bridget and Bobby's gardens and woodland.

Bridget talking to our group

Bridget and Bobby's favourite spot

Two views of Bridget's sculpture studio with work in progress.

Work in progress on plaster maquettes for a bronze commission.

Showing us examples of her drawings and paintings, in the drawing studio, which left me 'green with envy'.

The afternoon visit was completed with tea, coffee and biscuits (I'm not supposed to eat them but was tempted by a choc chip cookie!), during which Bridget showed us some slides of her work and commissions, in the comfort of her sitting room.

In 1989 I was privileged to have a piece of my own stone carving, with Bridget's, in the Royal Academy of London Summer Exhibition.


Photographs are copyrightę John Vincent MA