Henry Moore OM


Photo taken @ Hoglands 30 May 2007

I met Henry Moore at his home, Hoglands in Perry Green, in 1978 in  the week of his 80th birthday.
I was attending courses at Cossors Electronics at the time, Staying at the Railway Hotel in Sawbridgeworth. The owner noticed my interest in Henry Moore's sculpture; he suggested that I make a visit to
Perry Green. Met at the door of Hoglands, by HM's wife Irina, she informed that the great man was watching the tennis. When he appeared I was surprised how short he was but with a very firm handshake.
Standing inside the side door, as above, surrounded by cabinets of curiousities; collections of cycladic art.
My ambition at this time was to be a potter, on retirement from the Royal Navy; everything changed to a desire to emulate him and be a sculptor instead.
Years passed and at the age of 47 started a degree course in Fine Arts. Achieved a lowly 2nd class honours BA but was invited to interview for an MA course in Sculpture Studies at Leeds University and the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds.
Benedict Read and Tony Hughes accepted 8 of us for the intensive year 1994-95 inc. The best group of people I have ever had the honour of being with and the best year ever spent. More about that later.
 It was many years later that a return visit was made at an invited open day. The house had been restored at great expense.
Wednesday 30 May 2007. The Foundation treated all the guests to a wonderful day of entertainment and a feast of delights,

Photos taken at Glenkiln Estate, Scotland in 1979.

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