David Hockney's 'Cameraworks' originally inspired my style of photography.

I take multiple shots of buildings, sculptures, faces and the environment and use the resulting images to build a composite sculptural picture.

1993 Rachel Whiteread 'House'

In 1993 Rachel Whiteread caused quite a stir in the art world with her inside-out concrete cast of a redundant Victorian house in Bow, London.

The publicity didn't do her any harm; resulting in the annual Turner Prize of £20,000.

I joined the crowds and took a portfolio of pictures for posterity; as it happens the sculpture was destroyed on the orders of Cll Flounders of the local council. What harm would have been done if the piece was left, for say a year, for more people to witness?

'Reichstag Wrapped, Berlin July 1995

As luck would have it the opportunity arose for me to fly to Berlin, in 1995, at the time which Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude had temporarily wrapped the Reichtag building. There was a party atmosphere surrounding the site; small bands played for free, a cello recital was given by a young girl, beside the makeshift memorial to those who had lost their lives trying to escape over the 'Berlin Wall' and much needed refreshments peddlers were in abundance. It was a very hot July!

Delabole Quarry

'In China' 1993

Two months spent in China; what an experience, I returned to England shattered and suffering from pneumonia. I had been totally unprepared for the cold weather. In Northern China the temperature dropped to -20 and on most days my teeth were literally chattering.

It is now the year 2002 and I am still buzzing with the memories of my trip. More about that later.

One of the thousands of Buddahs

Carved out of the hillside in the Yungang Caves near Datong,

Northwest China

One of many photos that I took of the Great Wall

An exhibition, 'In china', was held at the Praxis Gallery, Bideford, Devon, England, in 2001.

Bridge over Yangtse River @ Nanching

Foot and Mouth 2001, Meeth, Devon

Preparations were made for the disposal of some 500,000 culled carcasses in pits specially dug, on the orders of MAAF (now DEFRA) at Ashmoor, Meeth, Devon, England.

The local population was 'up-in-arms' about the decision to "pollute" their environment for an estimated twenty-five years.

I spoke to and photographed the protest:


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