A lot of my printmaking involves the 'monoprint' technique which, of course, produces only one unique print for each image.

I have spent some time on the recognised techniques of printmaking:

But I always return to the freehand excitement of the 'monoprint'. A few examples can be seen here

"Nuclear Family" Drypoint etching


”Mother and Child” Lithograph shown at Delamore Arts 2011.
 Proceeds were to be donated to St Lukes Hospice; however sadly it failed to sell.


                                                                                                                            Two phases of a drypoint etching

Lithograph. Marino Marini. Possible artist's reject

 .Drypoint etching shown at Delamore Arts. Like the above lithograph the proceeds were to be donated to the 

   charity of the year, Unfortunately a sale did not arise. Now hangs above my desk along with a photo of my mentor Henry Moore.

  Updated Friday 18 August 2017


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