'The Embrace'

'The King'

'The Kiss'

'The Maiden'


The stone that I carve is mainly indigenous to the Southwest of England, Cornwall in particular.

Most of the early carvings were made from 'steatite' commonly known as soapstone and quarried near the village of Polyphant in Cornwall.

This is a selection of my stone carvings, mainly in Cornish soapstone.



Gifted to Svend Bayer

'Crouched Figure 1'

First stone sculpture sale

'Hand 1'

Sold to a Union Leader


Sold to ?

Small WhaleThe Witness at Dillington HouseThe Witness on my ScimitarAt my exhibition in Camelford
By Isamu NogushiFirst stone carvingFour pieces @torrington

Uncle VinnieUncle Vinnie @ Tony'sMother and Child (long)first exhibition of wood carvings in HatherlieghAt the Plough Torrington. Photo taken by Kieth DuncanDitto
          At Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Very early carvings



All images are copyright ŠJohn Vincent MA