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This is Page 1 of a book given to me by Doug Fitch, who was the Senior Technician at Plymouth University

when I was in my 1st year as a mature student studying Fine Art.

                                                              Doug Fitch

He, along with the other excellent technicians, kept me moderately sane for three years.                                        

Tony Hunt, Martin Brooks, Esmie Cooper, Malcolm Chafe, Dave Scott.

This is a painting 'First Steps Into Chaos' from Year 1.


Old hard drive sent off for expensive data retrieval; well worth the money.

 All photos retrieved; I couldn't be more pleased.Underpass ceramics, Old outside pools on the Hoe (Ladies, Mens and paddling).

Tinside Lido under repairs. Old diving boards and Leander Club Diving board.
Drake Circus development. Theatre Royal development.

All picture files have now been backed up; not before time!

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Thursday 17 August 2017
New blog starts today
12 December 2017
Another year almost over and christmas approaching fast.
St Ives booked for my birthday; different holiday let this year. No stairs to fall down.
29 December 2017
Christmas at Paula's was great, as usual, with much feasting and pressies.
Home to start a "Diet" have to lose this tyre!
Came home on saturday from two weeks in St Ives Cornwall.
Rented a ground floor apartment overlooking Porthmeor beach and churchyard. great views of sea and Clodgy Point.
Paula and Alan came down to celebrate my birthday and we enjoyed steaks at the Sloop and sunday roast at the Lifeboat pub.
Art Cafe was my usual haunt with still life drawing on both thursday afternoons. Diana AKA Gazelle led the group and she produced beautiful I-pad paintings.
Went to the Art Club for Frug, evening with music and readings. Bob Devereaux was his usual entertaining self with his rendition of "Arnold".
Two bus trips into Penzance; the first got soaked and the Bookshop was closed. Did have really good lunches in the Honey Pot- Red Chilli soup so good.
Couple of art books and a few bits of "junk"; can't help myself.
Maxine at Crowan Crafts managed to put the Stone Book by Samvado, purchased on a day visit a while ago, into my car. HEAVY.
Lucy and everyone at Art Cafe made me welcome as always. Yogi, Diana, Tim (hope your back improves) Alan, John. Dom, Brenda.
Best of  everything to you Lucy on your new home.
Didn't manage St Just this year- too gusty.
Anyway I am glad to be home even though I always enjoy my stay in St Ives.
On last afternoon visited the Barnoon Workshop and met Pete and Zoe Giles, who used to own the Art Cafe.
Had a coffee while watching their Still Life drawing class. Good to see them again.
Thursday 22rd February 2018
Cant believe I've been home nearly 3 weeks and achieved little; went to a talk about LGBT. Interesting but no interest in joining the community.
A new Starbucks has opened on Mutley Plain but the Butchers has closed; another independent gone.
Have yet to join the Life Drawing group or indeed to build the front deck and the 'diet' isnt going well. Sad face.
Thursday 16 August 2018
Been home almost a week. Spent last week in London, schorchio, in the hottest summer since 1976.
Had lunch and pub dinner with M on saturday and visited Marcus Campbell. Bought books on Marino Marini and others; a load to drag home!
Sunday I was heat stroked at Serpentine. Christo exhibition at the Gallery and his "Mastaba" on the water.
Felt ill rest of week. Slept with fan running all nights.
Managed the Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy; Hockney's huge paintings of his studio were impressive. Also liked Ansem Kiefer and Tracey Emins entries.
Some respite on the thursday, it rained all day. stayed in the Club drinking orange and fizzy water (seem to be adicted).
Train journey home on friday was a nightmare. Train broke down at Gillingham where we were all ejected to wait 90 minutes for relief train.
No help for elderly with heavy bags over steep footbridge and nowhere to sit.
Missed connection at Exeter St Davids and consequently my reserved 1st Class seat.
Arrived home exhausted.
Still feeling not quite myself; still plenty of rest is helping.
22 October 2018
Down to 14st 4lb, probably due to new meds. feeling much better and recovered from the London heatstroke.
Good weekend; celebrated Mike's 49th with a chinese.
thursday 13 December 2018
Finished this years xmas card effort. sent most; rest go out tomorrow.
Stuck on 14st. still better than 16 odd before! Health review in the morning. Have to say feeling a lot better.
Saturday 15 December 2018
Just over a week to christmas and a roastie at Paula's with the family. All cards gone.
Tuesday 8 Jan 2019
And that was Xmas and New Year; and good it was indeed.
Xmas at Paula's with the family. New Year at home with Mike watching the London fireworks.
Less than 3 weeks to 75!
February 19 2019
No St Ives this year; could't justify the expence (cottage rental goes up each year/ currently over 400 per week off season!).An aweful lot for one person.
Missed seeing my new friends this year; especially at the Art Cafe.
Still I did have a good birthday weekend with my family. Thai restaurant on the saturday and Sunday lunch (lamb shanks at Wetherspoons. Excellent.
The Tracey Emin exhibition in Bermondsey- good report. have until April 7 to see this. Phillida Barlow at RA- must see this.
Freedom day is only a month away when we cast off the EU shackles. that is if we are not stitched up by our less than truthful government.
Thursday 7 Mar 2019
Problems with central heating boiler last night. Fan stayed on and no hot water!!
Same this morning. Engineer arrived; no problems??? System checked out. All ok
Same fault again 12 April. Engineer found faulty thermister. Will replace on monday. Red light fault again in evening.
Thursday 4 April 2019
29 March came and went. Still shackled to the EU and Parliament determined to keep us that way!!
Monday 15 April 2019
Gas engineer replaced thermister which failed last week. Weekend without heating or hot water.
Blanket huddling!
Looks like we are still shackled to EU until October 31st

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Monday 15 April 2019