This is a small selection of 'favourable' publicity.

There was a piece in the Cornish Times many years ago that said, "John Vincent is exhibiting his black blobs again."

Still, we can't expect good reviews all the time-only if you write them yourself (under a pseudonym!).

In 1999 I spent three valuable months as a 'stand in' journalist at the North Devon Journal in Barnstaple.

It was quite an experience, gathering information and making up 'copy'.

I have kept all the cuttings of my articles. Many kind remarks were made about the pieces written at that time.

I still occasionally send in something of interest, to keep my hand in and report on exhibitions that friends of mine have locally.

Should anyone want something for publication then e-mail me at and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thank you everyone for your felicitations.

Meeting Princess Alexandria at the MIND Millennium conference

In the Cafe Royal, London.